The Exmoor range

Welcome to our most popular equestrian buildings - the Exmoor range.

We feel that this range will meet the requirements of every horse owner and with a host of upgrades you can customise them to suit. Although we have set out prices below as a guide we offer a full bespoke service so please contact us for prices on stable sizes not listed and for personalised quotes on stable yards and Barns.

Our standard specification is below.

Stables come with bottom & top doors and a fixed window and grill

12x12 mobile shelter £1500
12x12 mobile stable £1700
12x24 mobile shelter £2100
12x24 mobile stable £2500
12x36 field shelter £2900
12x36 stables £3500
Delivery is included up to 120 miles from our office and workshop at EX19 8PQ please contact us if you are outside this area for confirmation of additional delivery charge.
Assembly is extra and based on location please contact us for details.

Options per 12x 12 section as below:

4x2 tanalised CLS framing


Galvanised frame protection (per frame)


18mm plywood kick boarding


Galvanised gates with ply


Talk grill


Galvanised skid frames:


Celotex roof insulation




Guttering to front




Guttering to rear





Below are examples of this range. The pictures will enlarge when clicked.

Please contact us for multiple stable discounts and price
reductions for local counties and equine charities.

Examples of add-ons and custom extras

Devonshire Stables - the Exmoor range
Fibre cement roofing upgrade example
Devonshire Stables - the Exmoor range
Metal and tanalised timber gates example

Fibre cement roofing, even better than steel for fixed stables but due to weight requires heavier purlins.
Please contact us for price

Metal and tanalised timber gates

Devonshire Stables - the Exmoor range
Box steel roofing examples

The box steel roofing we use comes in dark green as standard but other colours such as brown, black, slate grey, dark blue and light grey are also available. Whichever size building you choose the roof sheets are profiled to size. That means no overlaps to leak. One of the reasons why we don't use onduline is because it only comes in one length so shorter lengths have to be added. this is not so much of a problem on an apex roof but can be a real problem on a pent roof.

Devonshire Stables - the Exmoor range
Celotex Roof insulation example

Celotex Roof insulation reduces noise and eliminates almost all condensation - so no more dripping stables and wet tack and feed!

All our customers who have taken this option are amazed at how cool the stables are on hot days and much warmer in winter than standard steel. This is a very worth while option.

Devonshire Stables - the Exmoor range
Add a tackroom 6ftx12ft from 500 assembled
Devonshire Stables - the Exmoor range
Tanalised TGV cladding makes an atractive alternative to shiplap

Add a tackroom 6ftx12ft

Tanalised TGV cladding makes an atractive alternative to shiplap - POA