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Exmoor Range

This range offers a real step up in quality compared to most stables on the market today whilst still being built in a sectional format to keep costs down.

With a host of extras to make your life easier the Exmoor range tends to be the choice of those more established in the equestrian world.

All prices include VAT, delivery and assembly within the southwest of England


What makes this range so special?

This Range is built like none other, heavy duty framing, waterproof membrane, insulated roofing, it all comes together to make the perfect stable.


All framing is 100x50mm for added strength with quality 19x125mm redwood shiplap cladding for longevity.

Kick boarding is heavy duty 18mm OSB to Eve height, this not only better protects your stable, it also protects the ever so important breather membrane we fit. The breather membrane is ideal for withstanding the wonderful British weather. in severe weather driving rain works its way inbetween the cladding and makes the inside wet and water stained, the membrane stops any water that gets passed the cladding from getting any further, meaning the inside of the building remains weather proof.


  We provide a steel roof with 25mm insulation underneath. The added insulation not only prevents condensation but also regulates the temperature inside the stable keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. One Clear GRP sheet is fitted above each box.

The overhang at the front is fully lined and extends to 110cm, not only dose this look really nice but adds strength to the stables as well as a convenient place to store smaller items like batteries for solar panels or rugs and tack.

The doors come as pictured with all ironmongery as well as a chew strip. A sliding window is standard as is front and rear guttering. Gable end vents provide improved ventilation.

Our Exmoor range is designed and built to give you peace of mind and your horse the perfect home for many years to come.

As with all our ranges these can start at a simple shelter through to a completely bespoke yard designed to best suit you. 


its a long list!

  • 100mmx50mm Scandinavian framing

  • 100mmx50mm Roof trusses and purlins

  • ex 19x125mm Scandinavian shiplap cladding

  • 18mm OSB 3 kick boarding to eve height

  • 1000/32 Juniper green roofing with 25mm Celotex insulation

  • each 'box' gets a clear roof light

  • gable end vents 

  • breather membrane in all walls

  • guttering front and rear (black 114mm square)

  • Top and bottom stable doors (where applicable)

  • 6mm polycarbonate sliding windows on the front off all stables 

  • talk grills between stables

  • TGV lined overhang (overhang is 110cm wide)

  • supplied on timber skids or bolted to a prepared concrete base

  • ALL Framing and cladding is pressure treated 

Auto locking animal bolt on all  bottom stable doors
Auto locking animal bolt on all bottom stable doors

So horses cant let them selves out!

Extra deep chew strips
Extra deep chew strips

To stop horses raking the door

Brenton bolt
Brenton bolt

heavy bolt for all top doors and tack rooms

heavy duty T hinges
heavy duty T hinges

heavy duty T hinges on all doors

Full height kick boarding upgrade available
Full height kick boarding upgrade available

Full height kick boarding upgrade available

Gable end vents
Gable end vents

to allow for additional air flow

Sliding Polycarbonate windows with every stable
Sliding Polycarbonate windows with every stable

Stronger than perspex and wont crack or become brittle over time

kick over latch as standard
kick over latch as standard

an Essential piece of door furniture.

Due to fluctuating prices we are unable to provide a standard price list at this time.  Please email with your required spec and we will get back to you with a bespoke quote.  Thank you