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If you want to build a stable you will have considered whether you need planning permission

Most of the mobile buildings that we construct do not need planning permission, but it is always wise to check the new planning rules below.

Planning permission is not about the size of a building; it is about the location and its intended use. Even greenhouses need planning permission in certain circumstances.

Some of our largest buildings have not required planning permission, whilst some of our smallest ones have because they were built in a Conservation Area or other special space.

If you have any basic planning permission questions you can visit the government information site at www.planningportal.gov.uk or please feel free to contact us on 0183783756 to ask questions about planning permission.

Planning permission and Building Regulations are two different things: – Building regulations are about the quality and technical design of a structure.
Planning permission is about the positioning and external appearance of a structure

we provide plans for your building making it that little bit easier for you!  please do get in contact with us regarding what we can do for you! there is a gallery below to show you some examples of what we have done previously!

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