Our range of American Barns

Why choose an American Barn?

Our barns offer year round protection from the elements. No more mucking out or tacking up in the wind and rain. As well as stables we can build in wash down bays, tack rooms and even a fitted kitchen for that essential cup of tea.

The great thing about an American barn is as every thing is under one roof it creates a great social environment for your horses where they can feel safe and secure.

It is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for all in one indoor stabling and storage, these buildings are fully customizable and made to measure so your imagination is the limit! 

Many barns on the market today are built from small timbers like 70x38mm and roofing such as Onduline. Whilst these are suitable for smaller stables we feel they are insufficient for a larger barn where the stresses are much greater.

This is why our specification as standard uses 100x50 framing with 100x50 trusses and purlins.

18mm kick boarding adds further strength to the barn.

Roofing is box profile steel, as an extra we can under line the roof with 25mm insulation keeping the stables lovely and cool in the summer and warmer in winter. Without this barns can become very hot and unpleasant for both horse and owner.

We fit clear sheets above all stables and the central walkway making our barns really light inside.

Ventilation in a barn is essential for horse health especially with many horses under one roof. For that reason we fit gable end vents and grills between all stables and into stable fronts. For even more ventilation sliding rear windows are fitted into the rear of each stable.

Our barns are not the cheapest but we believe they are the best and offer the best value for money. Call or email us with your dream design and see what a Devonshire Stables barn can offer you.