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Small Holder Barns

Our Specification Explained

Our specification for our implement sheds are designed around the size and style of your building. We make sure your building matches your requirements and foundation type.

We usually recommend a complete concrete pad style foundation so we can bolt the building directly on top, 

this aids in prolonging the life span of the building.

Below are a few examples of previous Buildings we have installed. 

These barns can be made to suit almost any style shape and size the quickest way for a quote is to email us a drawing (even if it is not a professional one!) That way we can recommend a specification and get a first quote out to you quickly.


A walk through of a small holders barn

This fantastic barn measures 6.5m deep x 15m wide a great space for an almost unlimited amount of uses, our client will predominantly be using it for storing equipment and machinery as well as keeping one side of the barn for sheep pens for vet visits and lambing season.


Specification as follows:

150mm x 50mm Framework

100mmx 50mm studwork for shiplap exterior cladding

225x 145mm main roof support beams

150mm x 50mm roof purlins

19x150mm shiplap external cladding

150x25mm cladding with air gaps on front face

heavy duty sliding entrance doors with V cladding

200x50mm TGV lining to 1360mm tall

Drip stop Steel roofing with GRP clear roof lights 


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