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Foundations and Planning Permission

Planning permission is almost always required when you are building a permanent structure or laying any amount of concrete. This can sound daunting but it usually quite a simple process.  We provide all the building elevation plans and measurements to satisfy the planning requirements, these plans are usually free, however if your plan is truly a bespoke one of a kind than we would usually charge a £250 fee but this is determined on a case by case basis. 

How do i avoid planning permission?

Usually to avoid planning permission we create 'Mobile buildings' essentially timber buildings on either wooden or Steel Sleds 

this requires no or very little ground preparation and doesn't require concrete, you can have a building size of up to 3.6x 10.8m that is movable (3 Stables) 

Aslong as you are not in an AONB or national park you can have a mobile building without Permission, if you do live in one of these areas we recommend to check with your local council to see weather you need permission or not. 


For Permanent structures we recommend a 150mm concrete pad foundation with a singe course of bricks laid to the plans provided when ordering the building. 

usually your concrete is laid on a slope to aid water run off or to allow water to run to a drain, this can be done in many different ways and is ultimately up to you and your chosen groundworker. the only thing we insist on and is imperative to the overall success of your building construction is that the bricks laid are square, and level using a laser level or spirit level. The bricks should not follow the contours of the concrete as this can cause the building to not be installed upright and in extreme cases can cause water ingress issues over time.  

foundations can be discussed in more detail over the phone during your enquiry. 

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