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Agricultural Barn and Store

This building was built in the summer of 2020 in Devon, approximately taking the team 4 days to install the timber structure on a pre prepared concrete footing foundation. the concrete pads were installed in set locations allowing for our building to sit and bolt down to the ground, this is a cheaper option than installing an entire concrete pad, fitted with a fibre cement roof and thick 8x2 lining to 1360mm making robust enough to handle almost anything! 

Specification in Detail
  • 150x75mm Framing

  • 150x75 mm Roof Trusses with purlins at 1200 mm centers

  • double layer of 150x25mm cladding

  • big 6 fibre cement roofing with clear roof lights

  • 1200mm steep overhang

  • posts secured to floor with custom made galvanized plate brackets

  • metal framed and clad store doors with personnel door

  • 6 inch deep flow guttering front and back

  • 200x50mm TGV Dounge walling to 1360m high 

  • 3000mm entrance height. 

  • assembled using heavy duty framing screws and high micron galvanised nails

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