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Our Bespoke L Shape

This building was built in the summer of 2022 in Somerset, approximately taking the team 7 days to install the timber structure on a pre prepared concrete base. This Yard has a whole list of extras which set this building apart from anything else like it, including the heavy duty 175mm support posts, all the timber used in this build is pressure treated and all timber used is set off the concrete to avoid moisture soaking up into the sole plates of the building prolonging the life of this building even further. it was a real pleasure assembling this building for our clients who couldnt wait to get the horses inside and out of the heat! 

Specification in Detail
  • 100x50mm Framing

  • 100x50mm Roof Trusses with purlins at 600mm centers

  • 19x150mm shiplap cladding

  • Insulated Pan tile effect roofing sheets in anthracite grey

  • 2000mm Shiplap lined overhang with 175x175mm supporting posts and Gallow brackets

  • posts secured to floor with custom made galvanized plate brackets

  • Sliding front polycarbonate windows

  • sliding wooden rear top doors with metal cover flashings

  • 18mm OSB kick boarding to 1220mm internally

  • Top and bottom stable doors with deep chew strip on bottom doors, auto locking door bolts, kick over latches and tie back hooks

  • Black square Guttering to all applicable sides

  • heavy duty sliding door kit with flush fitted door handle

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