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Our range of Stables

Our Stables

The specification for our stables is like no one else on the market; boasting a high specification as standard with options to increase the specification, our stables are designed and built with minimal maintenance and longevity in mind.

all timber used with the exception of internal lining is all pressure treated to grade 4 (meaning its treated for it to with stand the elements and be in contact with the ground)

Below is a comparison table with a break down of the key differences between our stables and some of our competitors

Our stables (The Exmoor Range) is built like none other, heavy duty framing, insulated roofing, it all comes together to make the perfect stable.  Weather proof membrane can be installed within the framework for a small cost for complete peace of mind.

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  On the Exmoor Range, we provide a steel roof with 25mm insulation underneath. The added insulation not only prevents condensation but also regulates the temperature inside the stable keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. One Clear GRP sheet is fitted above each box.

The overhang at the front is fully lined and extends to 110cm, not only does this look superior but adds strength to the stables as well as a convenient place to store smaller items like batteries for solar panels or rugs and tack.

The doors come as pictured with all ironmongery as well as a chew strip. A sliding window is standard as is front and rear guttering. Gable end vents provide improved ventilation.

Our Exmoor range is designed and built to give you peace of mind and your horse the perfect home for many years to come.

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